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All training offered by Lorna & John Jackson & The Jackson Institute is not in any way affiliated with The Newton Institute.

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Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives

Soul Regression Therapy ®Training

Psychic Development Workshops &  Research



Lorna and John Jackson are known as leaders in the field of Past Life Regression and Between Lives Spiritual Hypnosis in Australia, they are also internationally recognised as the co-creators of the pioneering Healing modality "Soul Regression Therapy".


They are the Principals, Key Spiritual Hypnotherapists and Trainers at The Jackson Institute - Spiritual Regression Center, Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia.


What sets Lorna and John apart from other regression therapists?...they are professionally trained to impeccable standards in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Regression, having over 50 years combined therapy experience behind them. They are leaders in the Spiritual Regression movement in Australia. Holding Government Accredited Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Having personally trained with many of the pioneers in the field of past life regression which include Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Andy Tomlinson, and the Roger Woolger Institute gives them a deeper understanding and a broader perspective of regression methods.


Lorna and John are both Certified Life Between Lives Therapists, trained by The Michael Newton Institute USA. Lorna was part of the Training Team for TNI (The Newton Institute) as a training assistant for Life Between Lives Regression in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and went on to be an International mentor. Lorna was the first Certified Life Between Lives Therapist practicing in the Brisbane area.


Lorna has facilitated hundreds of clients successfully through Past Life therapy and Life Between Lives regression sessions. Lorna is also trained in Advanced Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression with pioneer in this field Dolores Cannon and is listed as a Featured Level 2 Practitioner on the Dolores Cannon web site.


Spiritual Regression Therapy which includes Past Life Regression and Regression to the Life Between our physical Lives has been developed over the last forty years by a variety of pioneers who were professional psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists. Including Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Joel Whitton, Dolores Cannon, Dr Michael Newton and Richard Sutphen, which has lead to an explosive interest in spiritual regression throughout the world.


Today Spiritual Regression is being increasingly recognised as a powerful alternative to psychotherapy and psychology for people seeking self understanding, empowerment, healing of problems, phobias or for those who have need of comfort in grieving.


Lorna and John are devoted to helping people to gain personal spiritual enlightenment and to realise they are an eternal soul, who incarnates regularly to have experiences that lead to a greater understanding of who they are.


A Past Life Regression is a therapeutic tool that can uncover the source of unwanted patterns or behaviour brought by the soul into the present life. If issues come up that need to be addressed therapeutically during the regression or afterward they are both more than qualified to help.


The clinic provides a safe and nurturing place for healing and personal growth and because Lorna is an experienced clinical hypnotherapists as well as a psychotherapist having seen thousands of clients in her private practice over the last 12 years, she is well equipped to help clients to move through emotional blocks or karmic complexes that may have prevented them experiencing a past life regression in the past.

Their clients have found a deeper understanding of life and their own ability to totally transform their lives, and more fully understand the very nature, purpose and journey of the soul, bringing about a wonderful meaning to their lives. Lorna can help you release energetic blocks, physical traumas, fears, phobias which may be from the past that are holding you back, either mentally, physically and spiritually in your current life.


A Life Between Life regression is a more advanced process that can be a life transforming experience and helpful in discovering your life mission and purpose. To understand your existence from a soul perspective and offers a sweeping view of the overall soul’s journey. For more information about Life Between Lives click on the link to read more in the Life Between Lives section.


Take a look at the testimonial page to read some detailed cases of our clients experiences.


For more details about Soul Regression Therapy 6-day Training course click on the training link at the top of this page.

Lorna also offers Soul Vision-Readings which is a unique Spiritual Counseling and Guidance session, for details of how to book click on the training page and follow the link.


If you are unable to travel you can now book an online SKYPE session in the privacy of your own home with Lorna Jackson. For details of Skype sessions go to the Contact Page.


Lorna and John are available to travel for private or group sessions, speaking engagements and workshops around Australia and Internationally.

To find out more or to book your session call Lorna 0411886796

Brisbane Clinic: Pacific Chambers, Unit 16/3460, Pacific Highway, Springwood, Brisbane.

Gold Coast Clinic : Helensvale.

We offer comfortable, relaxed, air-conditioned atmosphere, wheel chair access, close to shops, public transport, free off Street parking and other facilities.


Private health fund rebates may apply

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The Ten Rules for Being Human

1. You will receive a body.
2.  You will be presented with lessons.
3.  There are no mistakes, only lessons.
4.  Lessons are repeated until learned.
5.  Learning does not end.
6.  There is no better than "here".
7.  Others are only mirrors of you.
8.  What you make of your life is up to you.
9.  All the answers lie inside of you.
10.You will forget all of this at birth. (we can help you to remember)



Lorna also runs a busy Clinical Hypnotherapy Clinic in Brisbane & Gold Coast

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