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R.I.P, The Sad Passing of Michael Newton

21/09/2016 marked the passing of one of the pioneers and founders of Regression Therapy Dr Michael Newton. Dr Newton explored and expanded on the Life Between Lives work touched upon by Dr Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher in their 1985 book Life Between Life. Newton authored 3 books on this subject and co-developed the Life Between Lives Training program with pioneers Allen & Dee Chips. Michael Newton will be sadly missed by his many fans and fellow therapists.
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A Souls Journey

There was a soul whose time had come to take a human birth, and so it went to the great cavern in the infinite void where all such souls went. In the cavern there were hundreds of thousands of souls, each manifesting as a small blue flame.

And the soul spoke and said, “And on earth, if i am to learn the greatest lessons of all, the lessons of humility, tolerance under provocation, and love to those who hate me, I shall need enemies. I need people to hate me, abuse me and do violence against me. Who will do this for me? Who will be my enemies on earth?”

There was a long pause in the cavern until, at last a small group came forward and said, “We are your soul group. This is the most delicate and difficult task, and if you are to be hurt and abused, it is better done by loving friends. We will be your enemies on earth.”

When we are born

When we are born we are usually welcomed into the earth world at birth by our chosen family.. mother.. father.. siblings… grandparents… its no different when we die.. we are welcomed home by our family & ancestors, soul friends who went home before us.. we are never alone… we just think we are..

Relationship partners



From my research of regressing hundreds of clients through past lives & to the life between lives… i have discovered most of our significant relationship partners have been in our past lives… we come back together many times to support each other through difficult times & also to learn valuable soul lessons.. often we are learning similar lessons because our soul group come together with a common learning theme..

A little about us

What sets Lorna and John apart from other regression therapists?…they are professionally trained to impeccable standards in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Regression, having over 50 years combined therapy experience behind them. They are leaders in the Spiritual Regression movement in Australia. Holding Government Accredited Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Having personally trained with many of the pioneers in the field of past life regression which include Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Andy Tomlinson, and the Roger Woolger Institute gives them a deeper understanding and a broader perspective of regression methods.