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Fee for a Past Life Regression Session

The cost for a Past Life Regression session is $300.00 inc GST. This session includes time for pre and de-briefing. 

Some people have multiple issues they want to explore and prefer to have more than one session, we offer a discount package if you would like more than one session.

Private health fund rebates may apply.

Each session is digitally recorded onto a CD for you.

*There are many approaches to past life regression, and it is vital to check qualifications when selecting a regression therapist, and to make sure they are members of a verifiable association. Unskilled or unregistered practitioners may leave out the most important part, the therapy and integration process which is vital to healing. Some novices are only facilitating exploration, which are not therapeutic and can leave the client confused without resolutions. Regression of any type, presents no particular risks in the hands of competent and trained professionals.