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Relationship partners



From my research of regressing hundreds of clients through past lives & to the life between lives… i have discovered most of our significant relationship partners have been in our past lives… we come back together many times to support each other through difficult times & also to learn valuable soul lessons.. often we are learning similar lessons because our soul group come together with a common learning theme..

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  1. Zaria


    Hello Lorna,

    As a fellow past life therapist, I totally agree that all of our strong connections with partners stem from previous lifetimes. It really takes a lot of time and patience and if you think about it, one lifetime is not enough to create such a strong bond between two partners. One of the amazing benefits of past life regression is that the process between a couple can speed up a bit as they can see their mistakes and how to learn from them, instead of being stuck on a repetitive cycle in this lifetime.


  2. Reply

    Thanks for your comment Zaria.

    Yes it can take many lifetimes for a maturation of the two soulmates or twinflames to come into alignment. Through the process of past life regression or between life regression we have the ability to heal or overcome karmic lessons that impede our spiritual progress.
    This of course is dependent on the conscious awareness of the individual in being able to decipher the need to seek a past life regression in order to as you say speed up the process. Unfortunately not all have this insight and spend many repetitive lifetimes on the karmic wheel.

    Blessings John

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