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Soul Journey Workshop

Soul Journey - One Day Workshop - Gold Coast

24th May 2015

10am - 4pm

Limited to 10 participants only, on a first come, first pay basis


The "Soul Journey" One Day spiritual workshop is designed for people who seek a deeper understanding of their soul journey. At this workshop you will increase self awareness, gain confidence in your psychic abilities, and may make a connection to spirit guides and the Higher Self using powerful hypnosis.

These workshops are for anyone who is interested in understanding more about their spiritual essence and will assist in expanding yourself awareness, developing intuition and psychic abilities, connecting to your " Higher Mind"self and Spiritual guides.  We will show you by using easy to understand methods, how to empower your spirit and increase your spiritual awareness. Raising your spiritual awareness, helps you to access and realize more of your true nature and is extremely empowering.

The benefit of becoming more self aware will raise your vibration and help you to align with your true self to creates more understanding of who you are as an immortal soul.

Access you powerful subconscious mind through our unique Hypno-Mediations to help the student open up, connect and trust their psychic gifts.

Experimental, interactive, enjoyable, fun, safe and nurturing environment with like minded souls.  

Parts of these workshops are based on the work of therapists Dr Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon.

Cost per person : $ 200.00

We accept credit card payment or direct bank debit for all our workshops, Visa - Master - Debit Cards

BYO lunch. Morning and afternoon teas provided

Time: 10:00 to 4 pm.

Location:  Gold Coast. T.B.A

You will receive a detailed workshop manual.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, email Lorna or John or call 0411886796.

Some of the topics we will cover over the two days are:

How the mind and energy work

Understand Auras and the Chakra system

Pendulums & Dowsing


Connect to your Spirit Guides and Masters

Experience Past Life Regression

Our Gold Coast venue offers a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and is close to shops, public transport and other facilities.

If you are interested in attending our workshops please contact us with your interest today...

We accept credit card payment or direct bank debit for all our workshops, Visa - Master - Debit Cards

Intuitive Hypno-Tarot Workshop

Please register your interest ... we will set dates once we have enough interest in this workshop...

Limited to 10 participants only, on a first come, first pay basis.


There is no other course like this in Australia, because we use powerful Hypno-Meditations to help you to connect and develop your intuitive-psychic gifts and integrate the meaning of the cards.

Lorna worked as a professional Tarot consultant for many years and has taught tarot and psychic development workshops. She developed this one day course to provide you with skills, knowledge and confidence so that you can begin your journey as a professional Tarot reader, or read for family and friends.

Knowledge of the Tarot can help you better understand your journey through life. Many readers have had to stumble blindly down the path, learning from a few books or by trial and error, in their determination to master this ancient art. Being shown the how to, tricks and shortcuts is the best way to learn and can save you a lot of time.

All of humanity can identify with the symbols that illuminate the Tarot cards. These images dwell in our collective subconscious. Like footsteps on the path, links in a chain or stairs, one follows the other in the way that we progress when we begin our soul/ spiritual journey.

The Tarot reading is a personal map that when laid out in the spread of their client, the reader can tell them what points of interest they will encounter next, what is in store for them, where they have been and ultimately, if they stay on this chosen path, where they will arrive.

This workshop will be presented in a professional power point format, and is very different to any other Tarot workshop around because we will use powerful Hypno-Mediation's to help the student open up and connect to their psychic abilities, trust the messages and impressions they receive from the Tarot and importantly remember the meanings of the cards. Experiential, fun and interactive.

Brief Overview of Course

History of the Tarot

What is the Tarot?
Choosing a deck?
Tricks & tips to help you remember.
Beginning to practice with class members straight away provides you with lots of group feed back on your readings
Deck cleansing techniques.
Clearing and re-energising yourself after and before readings
How to look after yourself as well as the client's needs

Cost per person for both days: $ 430.00 incl gst. Early Bird price: $380.00 when full payment is received four weeks before workshop date.

You will receive a detailed workshop manual.

Workshop Testimonials

➡ Anybody interested in opening their minds to spirituality should attend this course. There's something reassuring that our lives are merely a play with us the actors and directors. This course helps you to become in touch with communicating with spirit, encouraging positive energy into your life and grasping the fact that we are all spiritual beings. If only they taught this stuff in primary school!, Garry- Morayfield, Brisbane.

➡ The workshop was very informative and well worth attending. I learnt so much and look forward to attending a past life regression session in the future. G Martens, Strathpine, Brisbane.

➡ The Soul Journey workshop was practical, experiential and theoretical. I have gained a personal shift in energy and also gained new skills to connect with my higher self/divine and guides. I feel I have established a link to a higher voice within me. The hypno-meditations were very powerful, very relevant. P Brisbane.

➡ Pendulum clearing for pain relief

This is a testimonial from one of our workshop students who has had back pain for most of her life and had been in pain the week before the workshop where we taught how to clear personal energy fields with the Pendulum.

I was in absolute agony by the time I got home on Sunday night with my back. It was excruciating and hurt so bad my body did not want to stand in the upright position and I really had to force my way through the was very unpleasant.

I am sharing this because I was really worried I might not even be walking come Monday morning however I got up and was about 80% improved on the previous week.  So much so that people at work where commenting on how it was good to see me walking so much easier. Monday night I had a real urge to use the pendulum and clear myself so I went through all the fields again like we did with John on Sunday and although a lot of them where still clear there were a few that needed short clearings and a couple that took a few minutes to clear (although nothing that matched Sundays marathon).

I then went to sleep and woke up with only some soreness, like over used spasms today.  Had the odd stiffness after sitting for too long in front of the computer but all in all much improved from Monday again.

I know people could say it was mind over matter....I believed and so it was...or that I was just naturally on my way to healing...but I have had back issues since I was 12 years old so I am very aware of my body in that way. Sunday going up and down the stairs and sitting for so long was not my best choice but I really wanted to be there and normally I would be paying for that stubbornness of mine with large quantities of pain.

I believe Johns pendulum work was what made the difference...

so thank you both very much.

That was an amazing experience and if I get nothing else out of this course I will have gotten that and it will have been well worth the investment of my time and money. With gratitude, G, Brisbane

➡ Hi Lorna and John, I just wanted to thank you very much for the Soul Journey 1 & 2 workshops that I recently attended. I thoroughly enjoyed them both and I am hoping you will hold a third workshop later in the year. I feel the workshops have helped me grow spiritually. It was also, so nice to meet like minded people and talk to other people with similar interests.  Thank you. Kind Regards, Donna

➡ Thank you Lorna and John have given me so far, I have grown and learnt so much. M, Brisbane

➡ Thank you so much for your workshop on the Tarot, I truly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.
People I have read for since have also benefited. Dy, Brisbane

➡ Great relaxed atmosphere and a good environment to learn. I really enjoyed the Tarot, Pendulum work and the mini hypnosis sessions. These workshops are a good lead up for anyone wanting to do an LBL session. Judy-Joy Ridgway, Brisbane.

➡ I thoroughly enjoyed my experience during the Soul Journey Workshops. It gave me a great opportunity to meet and mix with like-minded people and to develop and trust in my psychic abilities. It was a very worthwhile experience and a wonderful way to start your soul journey. A, Brisbane.

➡ I first went to Lorna for help after suffering from panic attacks and phobias, mainly while driving. After a minor car accident I went for over twenty years not making right hand turns in the car, which led to some very creative driving on my part to get from point A to B. Despite trying all sorts of treatments my phobias were getting worse and I had the added problem of getting to the therapists, not being able to drive without all sorts of dramas.

Luckily Lorna lives close by, and after only three sessions I am now driving on the freeways and making right hand turns. I have no hesitation in recommending Lorna to friends and have found her having a wonderful balance of caring and professionalism. I have also attended some of the workshops she and her husband John have given and thoroughly enjoyed them, especially when they combine hypnotherapy with learning. J. F. Forest Lake, Brisbane.

➡ The Soul Journey workshop was worth every dollar spent on it. John and Lorna have succeeded in distilling the essence of the most important lessons and insights that can be learnt from different sciences and arts about intuition - or our sixth sense - into this one day workshop.  They both are true light workers and genuine in their willingness to share it with whoever is led to them. I love the pendulum, I find it really enables me to tune into the qi.

I used the pendulum for clearing my energy field last night and am blown away by how powerful it is. I have used magnets and acupressure to date, but the crystal pendulum is so much easier and tuned in. Thank you for giving these to us. Julia, Brisbane.

➡ Hello Lorna and John, What a fabulous day at the Soul Journey Workshop!  Thank you. I had fun, felt safe, met a great group of women and leant things along the way. We have had enormous fun at home using the pendulum this afternoon and have learnt many things that we did not previously know.  My son has asked me to purchase one just for his use – he often uses himself as a pendulum to find answers. Thank you for opening your home to us all and for sharing your learnings with us. Deb, Brisbane.

➡ I look forward to the next workshop on Sunday. Thank you so much for what I have learned last week. It's definitely very useful and relevant information. Warm Regards, Petra.